Friday, February 19, 2010

Tut Links for beaded trees.

Here is where I found my Tutorial for making the beaded cherry, autumn, and winter trees I did...

While you are at it, Take a look at the work she does, these are so awesome...

For the smaller trees I did a 3 bead combo. Camille Sharon has videos showing how its done... I just made my own variations...

Removing Kiwee/Bing toolbar hijacker

I got hit with a nasty hijacker. Kiwee toolbar and search engine this week...It was driving me crazy that I could not rid this piece of crap. I am not a paying member of webshots desktop app but have Been a member for 10 yrs.. It got in thru their app ( I am hoping it was NOT intentional) I always considered them one of the better apps, with integrity and safety, never a problem until now. After "trying" to contact webshots thru their generic feedback I got someone to pay attention to me. Basically i told them it was a crappy way of treating a loyal fan and member of 10 yrs ( if this was intentional)...Yea moms guilt....and righteous indignation....Here is their reply.....If anyone has a problem with this..

1. Close all web browsers (Internet Explorer and Firefox).

2. Exit out of Webshots.

3. Right-click on the task bar and click Task Manager.

4. Click on the Processes tab. You may or may not have these, but if you do, then end the process of AGCoreService.exe, kwtbaim.exe, and pythonservice.exe

5. Open My Computer, double click to open the local or C: drive and then double click on the Program Files folder

6. Delete the AGI directory. Right click on this folder and then left click on Delete from the dropdown menu. Follow these same directions to delete the folders in steps 7, 8, and 9 and 11.

7. Delete the UnifiedToolbar directory.

8. Delete the Kiwee Toolbar directory.

9. Delete the Webshots directory. Be careful to not confuse this with the Webshots Data folder containing all your downloaded photos.

10. Now, please open My Computer again, double click to open the local or C: drive, and double click on Documents and Settings. Now, double click on All Users and then double click on Application Data.

11. Delete the AGI directory.

12. Now, go to and reinstall the Webshots Desktop Software from our website: