Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Moogly CAL #5

Finally Finished #5, I was not happy with the pattern, too much counting and skipping so I modified it. I think I made it too big, I hope not. If so I will find another alternate to make to replace this.

I really have been wanting to go back to my old crafts. Beaded flowers, Trees and Polymer clay eggs.... Oh how I miss those.
Right now with life as it is I have no where to live that is truly ,my own and I am moving again. The wrinkled old gnome I live with has told me I have to move. No reason other then he wants a change, but I personally think it has to do with hos cancer coming back AND HIS OCD... OMG I never want to live with someone who has OCD issues like this. To the point he will scurry out of his room like a lil mouse to straighteb out whatever after I leave the kitchen,  First it was the dish detergent and now it is the sponge, and Oh the hand soap bottle in the bathroom...SMDH!