Tuesday, September 29, 2009

10 Cough Remedies & Treatments.

Go to Tipnut for these Remedies

10 Cough Remedies & Treatments.

Time to start preparing for the season. In addition to getting some Oscillococcinum for flu ( I swear by this stuff, it really works.I have not had flu in over 12 yrs. Last yr I started to feel it and immediately took the Oscillo and next day I was fine, good thing too it was thanksgiving day!), It is also time to start making sure the shelves are stocked with cold remedies.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

What a difference a Generation makes....

A generation or 2 maybe. I found this picture of my grandpa while I was sifting thru all them pics I have. Instantly I remembered his pants. I think my grandmother made most of them. I can't say as I remember them ever going to the store to buy clothes. Maybe her undergarments but I remember her saying something about making pops skivvies. Don't know if she made her own. She was a good seamstress.

Anyway I digress.

Look at this picture of my grandpa taken back around the 50's sometime ( could be late 40s).

Look at how high his belt was....

Now look at this..............

What does this say about our culture/society and where we are heading?

Saturday, September 19, 2009

More Recycled Box Ideas.

I made this scratch book.

I have seen people making these, and thought there was a great idea, but I didn't have a binding machine.

I finally seen one made with the rings. I had to try to figure out what rings they used, but eventually after a few keywords in a search I found out they were binder rings.

Well I eat cereal and buy things in a box and I am always looking for ways to re-use or effectively recycle them.

One thing I am always looking for is scratch pads. I tend to write ideas, shopping lists, and stuff all the time and am always looking for something to write on. I used my printer paper cut down, ( the scraps are the perfect size to make to do and shopping lists on.)

I pinked the edges to distract form the uneven cut.( Even with a rotary cutter I can't cut straight! SmileyCentral.com

Not to bad. I quite Like it.

Friday, September 18, 2009

My Photos - Finished.

Those Pictures....UGH Remember? ( Part 1 ) Well I made a Placemat... YAY!!!

Here's what I did...

Take One Empty cereal Box. Cut away the upper and lower flaps. Cut up one side to open up box. At this point you trim to even out and cut off the extra flap on the side where they glued the box together ( Its that lil 1/2 inch strip If yours has one ) You can cut the box down to any size but for a placemat I used it as large as possible.

I took my sorted and cut pictures, ( I cut people out of the pictures so they looked like they stood alone) I used different deckle cutting scissors and even my pinking shears.

Place the pictures wherever you like, overlapping as you go. You might want to try placement b4 gluing the pics down to be sure you like where you are putting it.

Next I took a piece of copy paper and printed up some words like Love, nostalgia, friends, good times. All the things i thought of when i looked at the collage. I realized the paper was stark white against the old B&W photos so I tried tea staining with my coffee...OOPS Better to stain before printing since the ink from the words just ran.....LOL I dabbed a paper towel dipped in coffee on a clean sheet of paper and let it dry over night.

Then it happened...An accidental surprise.....My cat slept on it. When I got it it was crinkled. ......Hey Wait.... I like this...So I crinkled it up more then put it in the printer and print out the words again.

Now it has a nice aged look. I cut out some words and glued a few down.
One thing I learned was to put down some paper on the box first before doing this. because there will always be gaps between some pictures and you can see the box underneath. I put the word in on some of the gaps.

Next.... The back. I had some printed cardstock and covered the back so people don't know I eat Natures path Flax and granola..LOL...and it gave it a more finished look.

Then i covered it with clear contact paper.


One down....Hmmmm I think my family will be getting placemats for Christmas.
They make a nice keepsake if you can identify some of the people. I may print up name tags to put over the photos next time, especially if I use it as a gift. I recognize some people and can deduce from some of the writing on the back of the pics who the others are.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Pictures, Pictures and More Pictures

Did I mention I am bombarded with Pictures? HA! ( Yea I think I did.LOL) Why do we take so many? Have film and digital on 2 PCs! Professional and amateur.

When my grandparents Died I got to inherit everything since I was the packrat I guess they felt it was safe with me? Who Knows. I am glad to have inherited the pics and the genealogy info ( what little of it there was.) Problem was, most of the pics weren't transcribed. I have pics of people that are most likely dead and buried and if there is any family I don't think they know their family members were recorded anyway.

Some of these pictures were taken so far away that it is impossible to clearly see who was there, ( as if they were capturing a memory of the event rather then the people involved). But don't we all do that, that's why we take so many damn Pictures.

Well I hate throwing pictures away, I feel guilty. So I finally set out to tackle the mountain of pictures of people I don't know, HAHA!

First step: Sort and cut -out and trim.

Come Back Tomorrow to see how this goes....


Sunday, September 6, 2009

New Prototype -Plastic Bottle Butterfly

I saw this on a website. I had to try it.

The Original Site no longer has the pic or instructions for this. So I had to wing it. ( no pun intended) Basically I used transparent paint, and glitter over a taped image of a butterfly template. This is my first attempt. I kinda Like it, and am thinking about other critters or flowers.

This one I used sharpies.

Here is the Original