Sunday, December 16, 2007


You slice off a piece of finger. Not just any finger, her THUMB!

This is what I used..............A MANDOLIN

It comes with a guard (I was not using this brand I only borrowed this image) that I started to use, but since it had plastic nubs instead of tines to hold the potato I chose my hand as a better grip, and said only so close and no further.....I went one pass to many......OW MAN, that Hurt!
Luckily it does not hurt ( unless I slam it) Whether that is due to the prayers or the gobs of bacitracin I don't know, (It hurt when it happened though)....And I can now use my grips to keep making jewelry.
So I have a bunch of pics to be added hopefully today of things I have done some before and a few after.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Christmas In The Making

We are getting it done. Well I AM! Here is a preview of some of my things so far........Please remember I am using a crappy webcam..... Do ya Hear me now SANTA? *HINT HINT*

These are my lite blue and silver swirly dangles.

I wish you could see how pretty this bracelet is. It is garnet, or Siam colored Swarovski bicones with silver flowers with a garnet center. I only hope it is long enough. Michaels took ALL their metal jewelry down when the Company who makes these did a recall of some pieces.
That is also a pink and blue seed bead ring.

One of my blue swirly lentils I did over the summer attached to a silver neck chain

Dark blue swirlies on the bottom of these blue and clear earrings.

I made these over the summer. They are bi-cones I made with polymer clay.

Another polymer clay bead with silver spacers on twisted silver colored copper wire.

Rose beads earrings. I bent some memory wire ( that was fun....)

Pink and Lite or lime green alternated on a memory wire bracelet.

I have plenty more in progress still, that I will post this weekend hopefully.