Saturday, November 17, 2007

Cherry Tree #2 in Progress

I have started assembly on the branches. As you can see there is no need for another layer of wire on the branches as opposed to the first one. But I do need to build up the trunk. 22ga. wire was used, I took a strand and doubled it, then twisted it, I repeated this 3 times then braided the three piece for each leg. So I repeated that process 3 times.
It is top heavy. I need to to what I did with the first tree. Take the 16 gauge annealed wire and double it up and twist it in the drill, to make the feet and trunk.

Holding it up.
A close up of the "Buds"
Here are the three annealed 16 ga. wires I will use for the trunk and feet. This should offer the stability needed to handle the heaviness on the tree-top.

After I finish the assembly I will take more pics.