Friday, November 30, 2007

Update: Christmas

Well My youngest is 12 going on 22 or 2 depending , and she is getting into the jewelry, hair accessories, you name it, so beads, bangles, and baubles. I will be busy creating what I can before Christmas.
Meanwhile to keep myself in practice I have been practicing, my wire wrapping for making danglies , and also using up my yarns and making throws/lapghans.

Yesterday I whipped up a beaded ring, which took me half the freakin night....EASY? Not for me, I got 2 left thumbs.......While this looked easy....For me it was work. I am sure with the proper beads it will properly be easy. I used bicones, and they would not sit right, and the thread I was using, while it was beading thread, started to fray. Then I had problems with the needle sizes... Eventually I finished it.

My current work in progress, typical granny square throw.
Finished striped lapghan.
Blue Fiber Optic Swarovskis on a silver hoop with Silver fish hook.

My blue chandeliers. I wrapped the Dangles myself. I love these. Also Swarovski

Here is that ring.....