Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Christmas is coming.

So... it is that time of year again. ( I promise this year, NO mandolin without the guard..:P)

I have to explain, I have been very much concentrating on Upcycling. This is a passion for me, always was. I was shunned however as a child and my parents called me a garbage Picker, and a few other names.

Today I thumb my nose at anyone who criticizes me.

I am NOT however an al gore environmentalist. I dont believe that our SUVs cause global warming, in fact what they call global warming is nothing more then sun activity, the electro-magnetism that comes with it and ( maybe even a lil GODLY Wrath).

I do however think we produce way to much garbage, and our plastic-industrialized living is killing us quickly.

That being said, I approach green living from a selfish and non selfish stand point.

Selfish being ( not self centered) but HATING Corporatism. The conglomerates that are bleeding us dry with electric bills and heating bills! HATE THEM!

Non selfish being I think we need to help ppl to help themselves and see that all the crap they are eating chock full of preservatives are killing them and others thru the use of manufacturing and the crap being belched into MY Air.

Did you know we don't break down as fast as we used to when we die? We ingest ( thru mouth and skin) so much formaldehyde and other preservatives it is taking us longer to decompose today!

Now that I have explained my approach, I prefer the term organic living over green since green has come to being identified with the chicken little al gore worshippers.

Organic is what us old hippies were called.

Now with that outta the way......Here is what I have been doing.....

For Christmas.....

I will be uploading my pics of my re(up)cycles soon. I switched PCs and have files everywhere now.