Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Grow your Own.

I'm Growing PET Bottles!

Actually We had freeze and frost warnings again, Yesterday for early this morning, (Someone please tell Mother Nature it is May 18, OK?) I was saving the bottles in hopes to maybe make a hothouse/lean-to for the garden, or maybe a chair. But I am also using some of them to make beads. Anyway they came in handy as an emergency cold frame for the plants. Covering each plant was a big pain in the ass, especially since I had to do this last week too. I had just put the bottles/frames away when I had to haul them back out.

Doncha love the debris? They flew off the Elder Tree. We used to call them Helicopters, or propellers. They fly off the tree like propellers. They all landed in the garden.

Anyway I promised a post on my trash can.

This was one of those paper/cardboard barrels, usually seen in the garment district and such. I inherited it when I took the excessive fabric remnants our school/church had left after a harvest fest one year. I have two of these. I decided to cut one down and make a waste can. This is the beginning. I coiled paper from the news and inserts as well as the magazines we get at xmas.
My attempt at being decorative...My square insert.

Finished with the coils. Now it is sitting there waiting for a topper. A band or something around the top. I tried folding the aluminum cans but it didn't work for me. I was thinking a copper band would look nice but I don't wanna pay an arm and a leg, it defeats the purpose of upcycle/ repurpose/ frugal. Try and try again I guess.