Monday, November 16, 2009

Christmas is Coming.....

....Time to get busy. I have been actually. I made some earrings for a friend and myself and now my girls want some of the same. See this post
My youngest also wanted something for her earrings. We seen a lucite earring holder for 10.00 in a magazine, add shipping and it will mostly likely run me 15.00 - 20.00 dollars.

Well frugal is my middle name lately, so I made my own. I have seen these sold online for big bucks, and thought I could make one so I did. I had some 16 gauge copper electrical wire I bought a while ago. I stripped the plastic overcoat off and was left with the copper wire. 5 strands twisted and curled and...... VIOLA!

Mind you it may NOT be the prettiest of things but it is functional. I looped the "branches" so she can hang her earring and they won't slip off.

Not bad for 30 minutes of work, start to finish! And the copper wire? Pennies. I believe it was less the 50 cents a yard ( I could be wrong) I know a whole role is about 30.00 and that would last me forever.