Thursday, November 5, 2009

Notice of NON-Guilt!

I refuse. As of this day I refuse to feel guilty if I cannot recycle or re-use plastic! I got around my guilt of throwing out boxes,papers,magazines because they bio-degrade.

Did you know that my trash company in my county will NOT recycle newspapers or paper products? Only bottles,cans, and plastic and last night I saw a notice in my market that the state? county? is now placing a 5 cent deposit on water bottles! Oh I wanna see how many ppl actually bring water gallons and bottles back to the store!

Anyway, I digress.

I refuse to feel guilt over the fact that I cannot recycle this crap. I am being overrun and I cannot function to work with the crap I already have piling up around me!!!!!!

It is blocking my Chi!

My creative flow is stagnating and I can't function, I can't create!

Why don't we punish the manufactures who have taken our choices? Coffee don't come in glass or even cans anymore it's all plastic! ( if they have cans I don't drink that brand, I am a folgers girl!)

When I was a kid I used to think about what would happen when the dump was full, where would they go next? As an adult I see and smell them in neighborhoods, and pray they don't put one in mine. ( Who the hell wants to smell that????!)

It was a problem that seemed bigger then me and so i didn't think about it. Today with the green movement it has become everyones problem, at least those who choose to do something.
I like to look at this as raw material to work with, one less thing I need to buy to be creative.
Aluminum cans are like blank canvases.
Plastic bags and video tapes are yarn.
etc etc









I saved empty coffee containers as storage for my beads and stuff, but now I have too many!!!

Piles of magazines, bags or Plarn, containers and bags of fabric, shelves of crafting supplies, containers of tiles ( they re-did the bathroom upstairs over the summer...A dumpster divers dream!) etc etc....It never ends. Oh and the Aluminum cans and plastic bottles...OY!

I am at the point of whats really important....I am on a soul Journey and quite frankly the condition of my soul is more contingent on how I treat ppl and not whether or not i recycled this weeks coffee can, Ya think?

So If I let one go to the garbage man dont get mad at me!