Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas is Almost Here *SIGH*

How sad is it that I want it over with? I get so stressed. I cry that I lost the magic of Christmas and I am trying so hard to remember it is not about trees, gifts and money but rather it is about Jesus coming back to give us life and forgiveness. But the world, esp. TV kills that. I was filled more with the spirit on Thanksgiving then now. I am frustrated by the lack of space I have to decorate. I have a little charlie brown tree with no decorations except a few cursory ornaments and the lights that the tree came with. I had a few strands of beads I thru up on it. My youngest didn't seem to be in the mood to decorate it either. *SIGH* Ya know I thought I was done with Christmas Depression a few yrs ago but it seems it is back.

Well I made this Ball Wreathe I found on Pinterest. I love it.
I just need to fix the ribbon. I cannot find my glue gun! It was brand new. *GRRR* I had to glue the ornaments shut with E-6000. Same with the ribbon. I tried to use it to hold the ribbon in place since it keeps slipping between the cracks (* balls*).

Here are the coasters I made, now in my shop.

I also made a few more earrings, I had a request to make some for a woman I volunteer with for her daughter. No Pics. I also Just finished another wrap bracelet. This one wraps 4 times, Nice.