Monday, December 5, 2011

Coupon Code for My Shop

I just created a coupon for my shop for now thru December 31. Enter code CHR11 at checkout and receive 10% off the purchase of any item.

Will have some more pictures soon. I created some coasters, and Feather earrings. I have also been playing with my Polymer clay. Something I have NOT done in a long time. Trying to make some pretty red and white beads for Christmas.

Someone wanna tell Santa I want/ NEED a new camera, PLZZZZZ. I will even take a point and shoot for less then 100.00 I just need a camera to take pics of my work. I really want a good one the 400.00 + dollar cameras. However I don't think I have a rich santa in my family so I will settle for a decent P&S.