Thursday, August 9, 2007

Whats New for August?

Wow it has been over a week. I am busy getting ready for back to school, as well as Harvest Fest. I decided to focus on a baby basket complete with Blanket, Homemade of course. Here is what I am working on....

Yea I know it isn't to crisp. I got the Pattern from Bev's Country Cottage. A wonderful lady who does lots of charity work and with a bunch of free patterns on her site. Here is the pattern for this blanket.
Although I have to admit mine don't look like this exactly, so I must of done something different w/o realizing...Ya know, one of those pleasant surprises? :-) But it still works. Worse comes to worse I have another blanket I made last yr some time that was packed away, I will use that if this turns out to be horrible,,,LOL.

On another note I saw a Carol Duvall episode recently that showed a clay artist making these bowls. I thought I could do that with polymer on a smaller scale, so I did. VIOLA!

Ok so they aren't the greatest, I mean you really can't put anything in them, but its a start. Maybe if I try to put some TLS in ? Hmmmmm, it is a thought. Well thats all for today. It has just been too hot to do anything really. I can't wait for school to start again just so I don't have to her them arguing and fighting no more....