Monday, July 30, 2007

Vacation is Over.

Everyone went back to work yesterday, although my daughter has today off. I got some things done. I basically did a lot of sanding and finishing, that is putting a top coat on. This time I tried some Polyacrylic from minwax. It seems to be similar to the future acrylic in looks and application. I left a bead coated with each in some water to see what if any effect water has on it. Like swimming, showering, getting caught in a rainstorm... I want to be sure it doesn't cloud up or pucker and get goopy, and slimey.

I also made a couple of pairs of earrings also.
There will be a big craft fair here soon, I believe it is around harvest time, I may apply for a table....Maybe. I dont feel like my wares are good enough. My beads aren't circularly perfect...LOL, I mean ...ROUND!
Also, I will need to come up with a lot of stuff, right now I only have a few things, and I have also been thinking about what if anything i can put together for the silent auction at school during this years harvest 'fest. I may just whip up a quick baby blanket, and pack a few things like bath powder, wash, diapers,wipies, etc and send that in. That will take up much of my time as well and I may not be able to do both, and there is the getting somebody else to watch the kids during that month. ( craft fair is generally there I believe for one month on the weekends, or saturdays..? ) anyhoo, since I am chief babysitter this will mean getting ang to take the weekends off that month.... An Impossible task.

I think my soul will grow bigger and better with the charity for school NO?

I set out to do 4 more paper mache bowls. I am waiting for them to set up so I can put some more layers on. 2 of them I did a bit different this time. Instead of putting 4-5 layers of mash I did a layer of mash and then 3 layers of strips dipped in glue mix, which dries a lot quicker and apparently harder too, then I did a layer of mash on top of that. When that last layer is dry I will see if it set up hard enough.... It will definetly cut my time down if so.

I finished one of the Hyacinth Bead Flowers.( I need to finish the other.) I assembled it, but I need to make some leaves and Pot it before I post the Pic. For some reason I don't like how it looks.....*SIGH*

Also We have been busy getting ready for school. Got the list of supplies, and next week I need to start Clothes Shopping.... A Huge Task as my youngest is so damn Tall and skinny... It is impossible finding clothes, and I am disappointed in myself for not being able to start practicing sewing...... Need to get busy!

Here is a look of what I have been up to this past week.

4 Baskets sanded by hand, BTW, and polished

My tiger skin dangle earrings.
Some Double Hoops.

And some pastel seed bead hoops.