Monday, July 9, 2007

Blue Paper Mache Bowl, DONE!

I wore my earrings yesterday... I like the feel, I haven't worn dangles in ages, just hoops , posts, or nothing.
I love them! But I need to be careful around Anthony, my gr.son, he wanted to pull themm..OUCH! NONO! LOL...

While looking at some of my beads yesterday I found my BFS. Bare Foot Sandals I made a couple of years back. Actually I made 2 but this was more intricate then the first pair which was more straight beading.

Remember that Blue PM Bowl? I tried fresh flowers, & silks? I ended up pulling both out. I made some simple flowers from Polymer Clay, and took some slices of some leaf cane and after scrubbing and repainting the bowl I glued these to the bottom.... I like the look of 3D.