Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Clay Time. Earrings, and Beads

I made some beads last night, and Today.... YES I had time to me and I spent it downstairs, by myself, sometimes..LOL . I started on 2 more bowls from Paper Mache, and I made some beads.

I made these today. I was watching Crafters Coast to Coast this morning. The Artist made Faux Jade Earrings with polymer clay. I had all the ingredients, Translucent clay and paint. I had to try.... Here they are ready for the oven.

I made these last night. Basic black with white dots. After I made them I realized I had seen them before.... I remembered who... Ponsawan, from Silas Stone. She made beads like these.

These Blue marble, I call my Earth beads I had in a covered bowl for the past few months, ( The cane that is). It was something I made after twisting and rolling and twisting again, then slicing it long ways down the middle, the inside looked kind of paisley... Sort of like a bandana print. The same with the Red, which I call Mars beads.

I also found a new craft blog. Artsy Clay

Last night my daughter tried her hand at sculpting... I have to get those pics posted....