Saturday, July 7, 2007

Pics of Bead Spinner and My first Earrings.

Earrings I made AND Assembled...Since the assembly usually takes me forever.

Ready for the Kiln...LOL My Oven!

They are pastel swirls, which is a cane that I couldn't do anything with, so I twisted it and made pretty beads.

Also some Peach Swirls, which are a bit of pink mix and a little bit of left over orange mix twisted together.

Some Tiger Chips. Similar to the blue ( see above) but with an impromptu cane I put together the other night. It looks like my tiger lilies I have outside.

Beads made with the tiger skin cane.

And Finally....... Tada....
Remember that coffee basket I told you about? I covered the bottom of the basket with white card stock and used my clear shipping tape around the side. I put a skewer in the center and plugged it with poly clay then used tape to cover the clay and the skewer edges ( near the hole).

You can see the Lilac beads left in the basket. It isn't perfect, but it beats stringing them one bead at a time, especially when I need hundreds of them to make enough petals for a Hyacinth.
It could use some work. Such as maybe a piece of thin cardboard rather then card stock which tends to catch the sharp point of the wire. I'm thinking packaging like cereal boxes or something.
I found that once I get it going though it is great. Perhaps the double stick tape on the backside rather then tape on the facing.