Saturday, July 7, 2007

This and That Chat

It seems like forever since I posted....With summer comes heat and no poly clay designs as much.
I do some work...( I am addicted to the clay.. I love to sit and knead, although I don't like the way the clay feels when it leaves that layer of plastic on my hands...Yuck, I usually wear gloves).

I have been feeling like I want to create...UH-OH Here comes inspiration, with nowhere to put it...Hahaha, HATE THAT! But with the heat and my being upstairs alot to watch the kids while my daughter and S-I-L are working... Well creating while chasing a 13 month old around? UM NO!

My gr.son is into everything......I mean Everything ......He can crawl up onto the couch with ease, look at me with that lil impish smile and then take off running ( we have a sectional).... He knows he is going to end up popping off but he still does it, then here comes Mima to scoop him up off the floor and hug his boo-boos away while scolding him..... LOL... Then he does it again! WHEW! I'm Tired Just thinking about it!

Soooo I wait until he is napping to do anything. Lately with the heat and limitations on my time alone and my patience level ( which I admit runs low.. Alot!) all I can do is make those petals I was making with the seed beads.

AC MOORE had a clearence on some lilac colored size 11 seed beads so I started make petals in that color as well, MY plant will be 2 colors hyacinths...Or maybe I will just make 2 single plants.

I did use my ingenuity to make a bead spinner tho.
My coffee pot Died last month ( end of May really) and when I went to throw it out I seen the basket with handle and thought I know I can use this for something... ( always thinking ahead).

I have some pics to post. I did do a little work this week... I will put them in a separate post