Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Menopause, Diabetes and Stress

Update: -8-04-09 there is NOOOO (underline NO) Cylapril anywhere! I'm mad as hell
I even went to the health food store.
Seems now that there ad is on tv and they are touting weight loss as well as other benefits( don't know about the weight loss) Seems they have run short at the manufacturer.
Needless to say I found this homeopathic remedy for stress and the menopause remedy
( black cohosh, licorice and dong quai- primarily) and I am gonna give it a try. I took it as soon as I left the store, so far so good.
As I was getting ready to leave the proprietor came in and found me a anti stress, adrenal fatique formula that has basically the same stuff as the Cylapril. Since I had already paid for this stuff, I said I would come back next week if this doesnt work. X mah Fingers.
Last Night it was so bad I thought I was gonna have to go to the hospital. My heart was beating so fast and outta control it was down right scary, as well as the pits in my stomach - ( that fight or flight anxiety). It was real BAD. I never want to get that way again.

Mental pause is what i call it. I started to get hot flashes in my 30's. 37 to be Exact. When i approached the dr about it in a matter of factly way on the way out of his office he laughed at me. I felt so dejected and humiliated and then ANGRY. How dare he tell me I am too young or that I don't know my body.
I took to the internet and found a really nice group of women who assured me it was not in my mind, my dr. had no right but was so typical , and that yes what I was experiencing at that young age was symptoms of perimenopause. That period before actual menopause starts. For women like me who actually pay attention to their bodies, this is a signal that my hormones are achanging.

Well fast foward 10 yrs or so and I am full swing, loose my mind, mentalpausal. HA!
It isnt as bad as some and not as ez going as others. The thing I am discovering is my diabetes may actually be tied to this part of my life.
I diagnosed diabetes recently ( with in last4 yrs) but was building up to it since my late 30's. ( I didnt know it and it went undetected).

Also something is happening with my adrenals. I feel stress very easy like as in , as soon as my youngun enters the room with her silly-assed -nonsense-- Wham...STRESSSSSS!
Gnashing of the teeth time.

I started having serious issues over the passed few yrs that my hormones were changing, such as really bad heart palpations. Then as I sat and watched tv at night I felt this feeling of fight or flight in my stomach, ya know that adrenaline rush. I would get a pit in my stomache and feel adrenaline rushing. this repeated itself all night.
I hesitate to call them panic attacks although thats what they feel like but without the emotions. Anxiety attacks and panic attacks have a strong sense of emotion behind them, like FEAR and DREAD!

I started to seriously compare this to others with adrenal fatigue. The symptoms along with the constant stress, or the inability to "DE- STRESS", and stressing over the simplest things concerned me.
Sleepiness as in total system crash, what was this? Hmmmm as if I have no metabolism, It comes to a complete standstill. ( usually happens after eating no matter how small )
Also no matter how hard I tried I could not bring my blood sugar down.

STRESS is one of the major contributors to diabetes.

I recently started taking this stuff called cylapril that I found in my supermarket a few months ago. It promised to deliver me from adrenal fatigue ( this is before they started advertising)
I didnt notice anything really. My mood had been getting better but I atributed that to removing certain stressors from my life, mainly my family's BS and watching my gr kids every single day ( at least 5 days). ALL DAY.

However..I recently stopped taking the cylapril as I had run out and didnt have $30.00 to buy more. Guess what? After 10 days of not taking it I am noticing the passed few days my stress level has gone back thru the roof, for NO REASON, I mean snapping for no good reason AND My Blood sugar is up again. My sleeping is back to middle of the night too. ( as in go to bed after 2-3 am and get up around 9). Also those adreanline rushes are back again and so are my heart palpitations. DAMN!

So I am wondering if there are any good Naturopathic Drs. out there who feel the correlation between Menopause, and adrenal distress and diabetes is correct. After all medicine is all about common sense and following the signs.

I know my body. Regular Drs. Laugh at me when I bring things up and want to just throw drugs at me. I'm sorry but I dont think that my disorders are a result of a lack of chemicals, more like a lack of nutrition, and natural order.

There is a reason we go through menopause. GOD created us to build up to puberty and reproductive stage of life , then after 20-30 yrs we reverse this action. Just as children are tyrants ( girls especially) before puberty, so to do we react after reproduction and into the lessening stage of our hormones. Drs. however would rather we take MORE hormones to keep our selves going....UMMMM NO Thanx. That just goes agains t the NATURAL ORDER of things.

Gonna go buy some more cylapril this week.