Sunday, August 2, 2009

Evil Bunny is Back.........

.........And he is after the corn!

I figure this lil bunny is climbing the fence and stalks to nibble....I found one stalk on its side and the others were nibbled.....

Now I am trying a new plan of attack.....

I have these can tops and bottoms left from my soda cans ( after cutting) and was trying to reuse them. I made some redneck windchimes (lol) and was working on making morraccas for kids when i ran into a problem. I abandoned that idea until I could find another solution, in the meantime I have all these tops and bottoms.....

A voice whispered what to do. You know that small still voice? Sometimes we call it GOD or intuition, or good sense , sanity, and even Insanity....LMAO....Well I seen the solution as it was whispered to me....

I posted my mini shepards hooks that I use around the front garden with chimes and put them near the plants with the can chimes. I hope the shiny deflectors scare the critter away.

I hope this works. I didnt know bunnies could climb!


CUCKES ANYONE? They are taking over the garden ... Holy Crap and I don't even eat them.( I grew them for the other family members)

How about?


My neighbor shared zucchini with me after i shared lettuce with him and now spinach and green beans for more zucchini...YUM! I never liked it before, but even my youngun ate it.

I found a great fritter ( pancake) recipe, changed it slightly and now...MMMMMM I got a new summer favorite.

3cups zucchini ( shredded)
2-3 eggs *( if using jumbos use 2 eggs, medium use 3)
1 cup all purpose flour ( can add a lil more if it seems too wet)
1 tsp. dill
1tsp. baking soda
salt and pepper ( I used sea salt)
1 cup grated romano ( can use parmesan)
2 medium onions ( Shredded)
oil for frying ( I use olive oil EVOO a lil at a time)
Sour cream

***After shredding zucchini salt it ( I eyeballed it) and leave in bowl for 15 minutes or longer to remove bitterness.

Use cheese cloth or strainer to remove the liquid from the zucchini and add to onions ( DO NOT strain onions...Leave onion juice in)

Mix in eggs and flour, dill, salt and pepper, and cheese.

Drop spoonfuls ( I used a large serving spoon, the ones slightly larger then a tablespoon with slots to drain liquid) into pan. Not to big or they will be hard to turn and will fall apart. ( about 2-3 inches big should be fine)

add oil as needed.

Fry, Flip and drain on paper towel.

serve with sour cream.

MMMMMMM.....To die for.