Friday, July 31, 2009

Un Posted Creations - Coiled Paper Plates and Plarn Bags

Was clearing out some stuff and realized I hadn't posted these. So here is something I tried...Those coiled paper plates.

Here is a bowl...I don't know what I was trying to accomplish here.. those ugly wheels took up the space within the bowl...:-) Ahhhhh creativity... this was a FAIL!
Here is another of my plarn grocery bags... turns out there is a another woman in the area who does this but she got her pic in the paper..Now everyone asks if I am Her..........
I didnt know they had the story as I dont read the news anymore....

But I am still a Big hit when i go to the supermarket People always stop to admire my bags...( I got my 15 minutes of fame.... :-) Thank you)

Here is one I made with VCR - Video tape...I have tons of vcr tapes and after yrs of re-use and storage they are starting to wear out. I have a dvd recorder so I am in the slow painful transfer process of all my old shows and movies to DVD... and I have tons of these lil reels of tape.... ( Thanks Cindy- My Recycled

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