Tuesday, July 21, 2009

How can I be mad?

Something was in my garden....It ate all my cabbage, and then started in on my broccoli....Oh NO You DIDNT! Not mah broccoli. I'll let you have the few cabbages aint to crazy about them anyway, but DO NOT touch mah broccoli.
I heard a gopher was spotted in my garden....I caught one last yr in there eating away....This yr however I couldn't spot it. Nor could I figure out how it was getting in.

I do my best communing with the LORD when i am in the garden.

I finally went out and asked GOD to show me how it was getting in as I was getting frustrated and angry at all my hard work going to the critter. I stood in the garden and one of my girls ( doves who overlook the garden) walked out from the corner of the garden..I didn't see her she was hiding and so quiet...a little one not as big as the others, anyway, she walked out and looked at me as if to say over here and proceeded to hop thru a lil hole in the side fence...I smiled and thanked HIM. I went in and grabbed some wire and fixed the hole...It appears some animal chewed right thru the wire, Wow.

Well this past weekend my daughter said she spotted a rabbit in there. HMMMM I had left the door open as I was weeding and stopped to speak with a friend so i assumed she just hopped on in. Fast foward a few days and I walked upon the garden and there she is....( click pic to enlarge)

She actually got thru the the mazes of fences and wires that line the tree line....Sooooo..I put some rocks along the fence line to keep her out....

Last night I caught her outside the garden. (Those are leaves of lettuce I discarded sunday as I stood outside the garden harvesting my lettuce that didnt ball over....( I dont know why..I never grew lettuce b4 so I assume it is something I didnt do) ). They taste good though despite the fact that i had to strip them form the stalk.

Anyway back to evil bunny....She is just an itty bitty thing... still a babe...How can I get mad at her...I made a deal with her if she stays outta the garden i will put the discards on the outside of the garden for her......BroccoliCarrotsCornSunshine