Monday, July 27, 2009

Summer fun - July 09- Redneckin'

This weekend my oldest had her Godson (age 13 ) visit from Fla. along with his cousin ( age 8 or 9), in addition to her 2 boys ( 10 and 3 ) and her sister , my youngest ( age 14) they took to the slip and slide in the back yard.

By the end of the day the slip and slide was trashed ( what do you expect for 6 bucks?) and the kids were dirty, and sore and slightly bruised but not broken ( the worst was a nick on the finger)... and we got the best shots of blackmail pics...

Have a look and a good laugh....

Summer Fun July 2009
In case you can't see the pics to clearly ( this slide show reduces the pic size and the pics are lost) click the album picture below to go directly to my album to click on and enlarge each picture individually.
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