Friday, July 17, 2009

Checking in

I haven't checked in in about a month. I am still here... trying different things. Still taking pics, and upcycling my stuff, although some days it seems I am inundated with clutter and it is getting to me. I started cutting my fabric remnants into strips for crocheting. I have purchased more cuttlebug dies and am working on using them with my cans and also plastic water gallons ( I buy water for my coffee machine..( Yes I know how unfrugal is that) but my water is sooo hard and full of limestone that it eats thru appliances quickly).
I cut up the plastic and run it thru the dies and embellish them with decoupage and ultra fine glitter and now have Christmas tree ornaments..

I was working on musical instruments ( morracas) with the soda can tops and bottoms, but that turned into a nightmare. I found myself using the craft glue and other things that i thought "if the kids put these in their mouths that aint good"....trashed the ones I made and am starting over. Something more kid friendly......