Monday, September 26, 2011

Etsy Updated!

I spent Saturday Updating my shop. I still have lots more to put in there but Have some things now, at least it dont look so empty.

So I have not been hanging on FB, although I popped in there sat for a few minutes, I still have NOT gotten the courage to delete my account. I noticed they put the recent news button back on the wall ( one of the things that was irking me) but all in all I think not being there is for the best. I would just get angry over the news pieces posted, or get bored with all the mindless comments from ppl who seemed to want to post just to hear / see themselves, as if needing to reassure themselves that they were still alive.....HAHA... I like the freedom that comes with sitting on the couch watching scratch that, reading a good book. YEA I finished a book this morning , first time on 20 yrs I actually read a book from cover to cover and loved it and looked forward to more. The book was called Critical Care, by Candace Calvert. I am planning on getting the other 2 books in this series she has out now.

What else? I am back trying to stick to my eating plan again. So far so good. I need to Remember If I am ever gonna get thin, feel good about myself, bring my blood sugar down It is UP TO ME! No one is gonna do it for me, NOBODY CAN, and taking drugs for my sugar is just a crutch to keep eating garbage! I brought my sugar done before with diet and exercise I CAN DO IT AGAIN!