Saturday, September 24, 2011

Once again I return Home

I admit it I got sucked into FB and lost my drive or I lost my drive and got sucked into Fb? Whatever. I am breaking the FB habit thanx to... FACEBOOK~! they have changed the layout one time too many for me....I don't need to keep having a breakdown everytime Marc Zuckerberg and his team get bored and decide to change things including my privacy settings!

SO I am back to my first love...MY BLOGS!

I recently did my first showing, Harvest Fest at my skool. I think it went over well. Alot of People liked my trees but few bought them. My soda can earrings were a hit and ppl remarked at my vinyl record bowls. I sold a couple of those. Everyone Loved my shopping bag bags that i crocheted from other supermarket bags. I was also told I underappreciate myself for selling them so cheap...$ 5.00. Maybe so but I see them offered on the web for 30.00 and more and cant see spending that much...In fact I see a lot of recycled and upcycled products GROSSLY overpriced. That makes me sad. Are you in it for the money or the purpose? The fact is, these bags cost me nothing but my time and labor. Maybe I will charge 10.00 next time and see how well they sell.

I also picked up a request to help stock the consignment shop at another church as soon as they get it open....YEA GO ME!

This experience brought me back around to my creative side. Got me thinking about what I can do next and I reopened my Shop on Etsy! I am in process of restocking this weekend.

I need to refocus myself and center myself again. I need to go back to my eating plan and work on loosing this weight again. I thought quitting smoking was bad but this is one heckuva challenge and I don't know why.

So that is it for this weekend. I am going to restock my shop now.

It is GOOD to be Home.