Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Happy New Year 2016

Its been a few years. But I am gonna go back to my Love... Blogging. I have Officially Left FB ( Thank GOD) . It was my biggest distraction. A lot has changed in life since I have been here last. I moved to Fla ( I hate it) I live in the armpit of Fla.~ Clermont,~ just outside Orlando and b/c it is outside Orlando it is very expensive. I am renting a room in a house with a curmudgeonly old man. No more craft room or supplies but I do have my yarn and and Plarn. I have closed my etsy shop for the time being until I get my own place and go back to crafting. The family dynamic has changed as well. ( Not me but my kids) I wont go into too many details b/c of privacy reasons and also b/c I am trying to take on a more Positive attitude towards things... I am distancing myself from drama.

My Baby is almost 21 and now living with her BF in Tampa~ 2 hrs from me. I am still dealing with the empty nest thing.

Well I will be posting pics of some of the things I am making. A lot  of preemie things I plan to send to my Ex- sis in law who is a NICU nurse.

For now. Welcome Home ME.  :-P