Monday, January 25, 2016


     Since landing in the Armpit of Fla I haven't an apt. and just renting a room in someones house. This is the second one since leaving my kids place which I was at way too long. I thought for sure I would be able to get a place cheaper then in NY and normally if one is working a half decent job you can get one relatively cheap, but for someone on a fixed income ?   FORGETABOUTIT!  The homeless population down here is over flowing. They shut down the govt center in Volusia county because the homeless being forced from parks now have no where to go so they sleep outside the govt center.  Someone got their panties in a twist and said "Im scared of the homeless " and now the govt is in a panic. Maybe now they will do something to change the low income situation. Like build more affordable housing.  I am on several waiting lists here but the list are 3-5 yrs long. And housing for  55+ is even harder. These ppl don't leave unless by ambulance or coroner. ( don't blame them).

Anyway I live with this older guy who is living with cancer but has a major case of OCD!!! His OCD is giving me OCD.  First it was moving the soap off the sink and now it is moving the soap to the side and moving my fry pan which I keep on top of the fridge to the center of the fridge, to the point where he slams it If I leave it where I want it which is next to my magic bullet on the fridge!!!  I am no longer allowed to use the rack in the laundry room and he wants to remove my shower scrubbie ( Nylon poof) from the tub, to the point where We had words. STOP Touching my stuff.  Its bad enough I have to share the bathroom with this guy ( YUCK) but damn, I don't leave cosmetics in the bathroom, or hair stuff, or even a blow dryer , My shampoo and soap is removed and kept in the closet but I want my scrubbie in the tub and not the closet where the critters live!!!( UGH).

Speaking of Critters.....

I swear when GOD created critters he gave the ones south of the mason dixon line Steroids!  Palmettos are like giant cockroaches on steroids and the lil  *(((*(**RS  FLY!  I now sleep with a towel under the bedroom door to keep them out. And then SPIDERS! Not normal spiders , we are talking big black long legged creepy spiders!   Mosquito's here love me, I am a veritable smorgasbord. I have scars on my legs from all the bites. Then there is big ugly Locusts!!!!   Oh and the FLEAS! My poor animals are suffering.. I am constantly waging battle. It is Now a huge bucket of  Diatemaceous Earth , a natural spray made from cedar which is safe for my cat as well as the dog and those nasty pesticide spot treatments that I really hate using.... Yea it IS that bad.....

Did I tell you  I HATE FLORIDA?!!!


I am in process of revamping this old dusty blog. Some of my side links are no longer active so I am slowly going thru them and deleting. I don't work with Polymer Clay but I still love it and would like to get back to it one day, so I will save any working links there.

I miss crafting.  I really would like to get back to beading and making Bonsai Trees.

For now however I have crocheting to keep me busy and I have dusted off this old blog for my writing.