Sunday, April 29, 2007

My Past crochet works

Some of my past works.
A Blue Ripple blanket I made for my oldest Grandson when he was younger.

I made this Dbl Strand rainbow ripple as per my youngest daughters choices ( with a lil coaxing, of course *wink*). It is currently on MY bed and has been quite used. That is her 2 yrs ago with my cat garfield ( red domestic) and Chloe the fe. calico.
I dont remember who got this one I think I made this for a gift. My oldest may have requested it since I think I would remember If I gave it. It is a white/baby color ripple
Another baby blanket. Variegated baby colors My oldest gave this to her co worker at her shower.
Tri-color blue dbl stranded baby blanket for my second gr.son who will be one yr next month on the 15th.
Some booties for him.