Sunday, April 29, 2007

My Teapot

I just got done firing this. I worked on it for about 2 days. I couldn't get the pot right and working without a pasta machine was giving me uneven clay. Thin on the edges and thick in the middle.
I tried the Nicole brand and the Amaco brand clay 'Pasta" machines and they all broke down within 1-2 weeks of purchase. I could hear the gears grinding, or in the case of amaco they ground one day and separated the next.

I really should get a "Real" pasta machine but I dont have the 60.00 or so to invest in the really good ones I see people using, "Atlas-Marcatto" or "Trattorino" ( spelling?) "Pasta queen". Thats is 3 names I have seen recommended.
Also NOone except BBB sells them around here. There used to be a 'Lechters' but they went OOB.
Anyway. Here is my teapot:
Since I was having problems with the belly of the beast I used a baby food jar as an armature. It is wrapped in vines with leaves. I have NOT sanded it yet so it still looks a little spotty.
But this was my first attempt at crafting more then beads ( except for the dinko bird..He is so sad looking :-P...LOL)