Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Paper Mache Bowl

I started doing paper mache after I got inspired. Yrs ago I saw an Artist on Chris Lowell. Ellen Jantzen. She did a paper mache Comic Bowl. After watching her I thought I could do that. I had taped the show ( as I usually do) and yrs later I dug it out and then took do the computer to research it. I found all kinds of ways of PM'ing. I tried the strip method and made an Easter egg to hang outside. I wanted the mash method. I wanted clay!
I sought some recipes and finally came up with something that works. I used a beach ball as an armature or mold to get my shape. After about 3-4 layers I learned to smooth out the last layer with a wet hand. I gave a light sand and then I painted it with a layer of Gesso. After that was dry, I used 3 different green Acrylics I had in my craft box.
I picked up some wall paper border that was on mark down. I loved how the sunflowers Just seemed to Pop right out. I cut out a few and decoupaged them to the bowl. I used round wooden beads (Actually Doll Heads) and spray painted them black for feet.

It Looks better in person I promise. In fact I like it. I wont give it away or sell it because I know where the errors are and they are a reminder to slow down and dont do it again! :-)

I am currently working on 3 more bowls and 2 wall hangings with mirrors.