Friday, October 28, 2011

Cupcake spiderwebs and Cake Pop Fail

Before I get to my baking adventure I have to say it is NOT yet Halloween and they are calling for .......S-N-O-W! 4-6 inches on saturday North and west of the city. ( yea I live north). Not that I think we will necessarily get much but the fact is it is only October!

Another example of GOD mocking the global warming chicken littles..LOL

Unto my Adventure....

I made spider web cupcakes for todays bake sale at skool. They came out cool. My Cake pop eye balls however did not!

I added a plastic spider ring to the top of the web. I think it looks cool and of course I know the kids will love them.

My eyeballs however, are another story. I made them too big and the weight of the frosting made them heavy. The wafers did not melt down to a thin consistency. It was very thick and hard to manage. The cake pops were not smooth and didn't look like eyeballs. Some started to fall apart in the wafer frosting, and some just fell off the stick! I made cake balls last yr ( not the eyeballs) and they came out great, this time it was an epic fail!