Thursday, October 13, 2011

More Rain *Sigh*

Its Raining Again...*SIGH* Kinda makes me wanna crawl up in bed and pull the covers over my head. I used to love the rain when I was younger. Especially the summer rains, so warm and comforting, kicking up the water outta puddles. Now rainy days drag me down. I am trying to focus on my crafting and my exercise which is not going well ( I cant get back into the grove)

For my crafting this past week or 2 I decided to use my stash and make a stash buster blanket, of course I started making a baby blanket and thought I had enuff to do one....UMM UMMM. I had to go out and "BUY" more white and navy, and of course after that I found I had another skein of navy in my stash pile. *SIGH*
The blanket I am making is for a woman I work with. I volunteer 2 days a week in the kitchen at skool and Donna the aide in charge, her youngest is having her first child ( Donna is already a gramma), so I decided to surprise her with a blanket. It is done in *V* and *Shell* stitches. I also plan to make her booties. I am really liking this stitch. I found it online and I can really get into my Zen mode with it. I just let my fingers fly. I basically have it finished, just need to finish one round of white and navy, then it is weave in the ends and do a border. I don't like blankets without borders.

I also need to make a Mokume Gane bracelet for the skool finance officer. She saw one I made at the harvest fest but didn't buy it right away. When she returned it was sold. I decided to make her one for Christmas ( since she does not ride me too much about tuition when I fall behind).

Finally I got a request for some custom earrings. I need to get back to the craft store since I don't have the colors she wants ( earth tones). I also want to look at what I can make for my kids for Christmas. One good thing about making Jewelry is I can always rely on my stash for something for them esp. when cash is low. ( which seems to be all the time).