Monday, October 17, 2011

Good Day , Worse Day

So Friday I come home from volunteering at skool and find a notice ( 2 actually) in my email, congratulating me on what I thought was a purchase of something for $40.00. Panic sets in. ( If you have ever been a victim of ID theft or an attempted ID theft, you know that sickening feeling), it is also the one you get when you think you are about to bounce your account for big Bucks!
The second notice confirmed the first. I then scrolled down to see what it was I purchased......

It was MY Market / Tote bags that I crocheted. What the? Go back and reread.... Congratulations ..YEA I SOLD 3 Bags....HAHAHA PANIC GONE! Thank You Jesus.

Then it clouds up again and thunder rolls in.... DOWN POUR! SPLASH DOWN!

NOW I was recently at the rental office telling the girl there that the Roofers DID NOT clean the gutters in my building. IN fact I didn't even see them up on a ladder in my bldg, just bldg #3. SHE insisted they did..... WELL you tell me....

NO THEY DIDN'T! See that downpour in the front there? ( it was a lot worse, this was the tail end) It is like that everytime it rains. And off course this time IT RAINED in my apt.

As it did last yr and before I moved in. I can where they had replaced part of the ceiling and patched.

What was worse then this? OK Maybe NOT worse then but definetly bad...I had my yarn remnants that I was trying to use up in a mesh bag on top of some totes I had Under the spot it rained...You guess it, they got soaked! Sent my dau. to the laundrymat to dry them and they came back tangled.
I tried to untangle them I sat there for 2 days and managed to save 3 small balls. Then yesterday ( day 2) I noticed a small part on the far end of that mess was still wet, ( after they went in the dryer and came home it was only damp on that end), then I noticed a familiar smell...
You guessed it didn't you? YEA Chloe girl aka Fatty Mckitty ( 17 lbs of cat) Decided to tinkle on it... I am thinking I wasn't meant to use that yarn.