Sunday, October 30, 2011

SNOW! PINTEREST! And other things!

So it really snowed. Not sure of "our" totals. One part of my county got 8 inches, and another got 12. I'm not sure of us but I can say it was a really wet and heavy snow. Tree limbs down, some areas without lights ( not us thankfully). I was sitting this morning listening to the snow fall from the trees and wires . Love that sound. It was really pretty as the sun came up and glistened off the pond.

Some pics of the carnage..... Click on each to enlarge.

Say Cheese Louis!

I spent a lot of time yesterday ( and today) on Pinterest, which is like the new FB for me..SO Addicting. I do a lot of my crafterbating there.

One idea I seen was offsetting the cost of wreaths. I have to say, " WHEN THE HECK DID FOAM GET SO EXPENSIVE?" I went to AC Moore and the price of styrofoam cones and wreath forms were outrageous! I saw this on a blog linked to pinterest today. Getting foam from Home Depot or Lowes for 97 cents ( not sure if it is that cheap now) But it still must be cheaper then the craft store.

I also seen where you can do the same with a pool noodle from the dollar store.I will be so there this summer.

For Dinner today: YUMM-O!

Sweet Balsamic Glazed Pork Loin {Slow Cooker}