Thursday, November 3, 2011

Retail Therapy

I been feeling down. I decided some retail therapy might work ( Of course I dont have happy cash, I have to borrow from peter to pay paul). I have been seeing how to's everywhere for those chan luu wrap bracelets. I wanted to make one. ( Remember I volunteer at skool so wearing my own creation is advertisements CHA CHING). Michaels is having a 60% off sale on beads. I go and get some pretty pearls. I already have the suede cording. I gather up my supplies and pull up a video. WAIT I need a beading needle. I have several packages, the problem is............I CAN'T find any!!!!!!!!!!

I re-organized and I remember gathering them up so they were all in one place. I CAN'T remember where! GRRRRRRRRRR.

Hobby Lobby Just had their grand opening Monday. I am NOT impressed. They are a huge store and have a lot of "Home Goods"/ "Christmas Tree Shop" home decor stuff. Their jewelry dept is 2 half aisles. I was disappointed. Michaels has a huge jewelry/ beading dept. I love that H.L. carries a lot of different things but I was so hoping they would be cheaper then AC Moore or Michaels and have things they don't but so far, NO! Oh well Maybe it is for the better since they are within walking distance I might be there more often ( Like I can really afford that).

SO Now tomorrow I am going to have to go back to H.L. to get some more beading needles...Grrrrr.