Monday, November 14, 2011

Addicted To Pinterest

I left FB and got Addicted to Pinterest...HAHA! So much for getting off the web! I have found some yummy recipes on there. I have a "I came I pinned I tried" Board. I spend so much time there and I am trying all the new things I see. I Learned the Bullion Stitch in crochet, and that blue braided necklace I recently posted I got from Pinterest as well.

I recently added this to my board of tries-- Oatmeal can TP Holder...Did you know one can of rolled oats holds 2 rolls of tp? Me either until I tried it. I wrapped it in scrapbook paper and put ribbon around the top and bottom....And it matches my ugly green bathroom ( happy accident, I didn't consider the color)

Here is another pair of earrings I made for Chris. Tomorrow I bring them all to skool to see which ones she likes. Tonight I do my final pricing...*SIGH* I have gone back and forth on the prices so many times My poly bags are full of blue scribbles...LOL

I also made a pair of blue drop earrings from the same color beads. 2 chains hung from a fishhook wire with the beads on the ends. Very simple but very pretty. I gave them to a friend for her birthday, I hope she likes them.

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