Thursday, November 10, 2011

How Do You Determine the price on your work?

So I have not done the wrap bracelets yet. Maybe tomorrow. I have , However been making earrings. I was asked to make some for one of the teachers at skool. Chris wanted earth tones, greens, browns, corals, and Blue. I am struggling with how much to charge. I was told I under appreciate myself and sell things to cheaply.

I browse all over the net. I check other peoples works, see whats trending, get inspired, etc and one thing I notice is alot of ppl seem to charge so much for handmade things. The idea of handmade is you can get better then mass produced, and you can usually, but some things are so over priced that I wonder if it is worth it to purchase things. I look at what I made from a consumers point of view. I ask myself what I would be willing to pay for this item.

The problem with that is, I undercut myself. I know how I made it , how difficult it was, etc I take the cost of supplies into account and try to find a compromise. Right now the cost of silver is high so I am not making pure silver, I basically make everyday ( what we used to call costume ) jewelry. I try to find highly polished anti tarnish findings & wires. I do love Swarovski Crystals. I try to buy nice quality beads. Glass over plastic

Here are some earrings and a necklace I made. What would YOU pay?

Polymer clay Beads.
Coral Gem chips
Swarovski Crystals Wire wrapped.

Dichroic Crosses

I LOVE these. Green Wire wrapped dangles. ( I didnt wrap them I bought them that way.) I just attached them to the chains.

Austrian Crystals

I love this necklace. It is beaded and braided. Attached to a heavy silver overlapping link chain ( I don't know what the proper name for it is but each link is made of 2 links that overlap)
I WILL be getting a Bead spinner ( a real one) next time I try this. I did the scoop method out of a bowl . It is made of 3 strands doubled for a total of 6. Talk about work. I restarted several times because I either Had the wrong size needle or thread etc...

I LOVE THESE! Each bead was wire wrapped by me. They are green fractured glass. Very Pretty.

These are MY Faves! If she doesn't want them I will wear them. And if she does I might make another pair for MEEEEE. :-)