Sunday, November 20, 2011

More earrings. And Pet Peeves.

Before I go there I want to ask, Is there NOT a song that katy perry sings that has no Sexual Overtones? Was just in my daughters room and she had the radio on. There was a song playing and I knew the voice was familiar although I could not remember it. The beat was funky and I thought maybe I could like it. Then I started listening to lyrics...ACK! REALLY? Having sex with an alien or something like that. I inquired of my kiddo who the singer was and she said it was perry. I think every song I have ever heard of hers has something to do with sex. UGH

Ok Now that I have that off my chest I have another pet peeve.... CHRISTMAS Commercial and music on halloween / long before thanksgiving! JUST STOP IT, OK! Wally world has those commercials for xmas layaway, one of them featuring some perky and annoying blond woman singing, ring, ring ring, ring a ding ring me up! UGH I have dropped a few F*Bombs on her already. I am telling you by the time Christmas gets here I am like scrooge. It is getting earlier every year!

OK Onto the earrings. I made a few more the red and white ( clear) I made for me. the other 2 I made for Christine's consideration. I just need to put on the ear wires.