Saturday, June 23, 2007

Learning Chain Maille.

For starters, I found another Kraft Blogger. I have added her link to my Side bar..."TOO MUCH TIME", go and visit if you have time.

As for me this week?

The temperature outside dipped quite a bit, perfect for claydays, but I am having a real mental block in my creative side.
I am inspired and wish to Emulate, but am uncomfortable. I want my own creativity to shine, Just isnt satisfying enough to copy anothers work. I am all for learning new techniques, and I love doing that, but then I want to take what I have learned and make it mine, and that is where I am having a problem.....

And this one has been going on for a while.

I cannot get my frame of mind right, I am too stiff.
As my youngest keeps telling me, I need to Relax..... But I can't, I try, but it ain't happening.
Not to sound whiney but perhaps dealing with all the pains my body has been experiencing has something to do with it.
I still have pain and pressure in my coccyx, and believe I may have broken it, which is not uncommon from what I read. In addition my lower back has been giving me real grief as well.
I am not supposed to be lifting anything over 20 lbs, and my gr.son weighs in around 25 lbs. Watching him 4-5 days a week for as long as 12 hours some days is taking its toll.
I don't complain, because I don't want to sound like some people we know, but If I don't say anything people get all surprised and even annoyed, and think I am just saying it to be mean or lazy. Ya know?

AHHHH, I didn't start this blog to whine and cry, thats what my rant blog is for, this is supposed to be my Zen place.

So I have been sitting on my butt this week and learning chain maille.
I love the look, but it is really frustrating to play with those lil jump rings with big clunky hands and poor eyesight...LOL.
I have also been pushing forward on the beading. I am nearly done making the petals for the Hyacinth flower.
I need 6 petals to make one frong, and approx. 30-35 frongs to make a plant.
You do the Math!
Yup thats why it has taken so long...Plus I got bored and I moved~ 2ce.
I will try to post some pics later on of the beaded petals/frongs, and maybe my chain maille bracelet in progress.
For now, I am going to have breakfast.