Saturday, June 23, 2007

Site Meter Brings New Blogs.

I Hadn't checked my meter since setting it up. I really am not that obsessed as I used to be about my visitors, since most of them are random from the navbar, or thru google.

Anyhoo, I just checked on it and I discovered another clay blog, and she has me linked in her sidebar... WOOT... I got a Fan? LOL

So Please go and Visit Michael from Mossy Owl.... Tell her KC Sent you.

I just came from her ETSY Shop. Wow. She made some pop tart earrings...LOL My youngun loves 'em.
That is something I am going to need to try!
I made choc. chip cookies, though. It is probably the only miniature I made so far ( my hands are too big...LOL), but I never thought about making them as Jewelry.. WOW, now I am inspired again...
So if you would like to see what she is selling or has sold go and visit.