Saturday, June 23, 2007

Pics of this week.

As Promised... Breakfast was good and I feel a lil better.
Here are some pics of this weeks works.

I made some Barrel Beads this week. Was just sitting there watching tv when i picked up the scrap clay I had sitting before me ont e table and just started kneading and twisting. I love barrels, they're fun, simple, colorful, and playful, most of all they are e-z, e-z. I have been practicing with the wire, using the copper craft wire before I buy the more expensive silver wire for stringing. I wired up a few barrels to try my hand...

Here is my Bucket-'O-Beads! I have been sanding and hand rubbing beads at night while watching TV and then tossing them into the bucket until I decide what to do with them. I may just end up selling the beads I f I can't find a comfortable design for jewelry..*SIGH* Sometimes ya just gotta leave to someone better then you....*SMILE*
Ok, Here is a Petal. ( or a leaf)
Here is another shot. The beads are strung 1,2,3,4,4,4,3,2,1 ~~6 of these Puppies give me one of theses.....
A Frong. or one leaf 6 times equals a petal..... I prefer a frong, thanx.

Yes it can be tedious , but the end results are beautiful and stunning, but it makes me practice my patience, something I am short of... ( I like instant gratifications).
If you want to see pictures or learn how to make these, go to this site....BEADED FLOWERS
I don't know the site owners name. She has this site in English and (dutch or german?) Click on Patterns.

A Bag 'O Frongs....

Here is a tray of Jump Rings. Everyone knows what they are, right? They hold your charms to your bracelets, and necklaces... Well how about a Bracelet made of Jump Rings?

It is Called Chain Maille. It is an Art stemming from emulating ( my word of the week...LOL) the ancients. When knights wore the silver neck coverings, and bracelets, sleeves, etc.
By connecting jump rings, ( alot of these are homemade) in a particular fashion, over under and thru as they say you come up with some really cool designs.
One sight I found here, has some good tuts, and pics. You don't have to be a member to browse the sight.
Jewelry making has jumped the chain maille wagon and these are popping up everywhere.
I used to love wearing the silver slave bracelets when I was younger, ( yes I rode with an MC, I so miss it too).
These can be made in similar fashion.
They remind me of the jewelry and chains we used to make using the can tabs...LOL. NOW that is telling my age. They don't have the removable rings tabs anymore. ( I remember stepping on them at the beach, OUCH!)
WE used to save them and interlock them to make chains and such..... Those were the days....*sniff*
There are earrings, necklaces, body coverings.... Try doing a search and see what you find.. It is Fascinating, very tedious, you need patience and the right tools, oh and a Good set of eyes too. ( Thank Goodness I have several pairs of glasses.)