Tuesday, May 29, 2007

All Kinds of Goodies

Well it is getting hot and clay days are winding down. I put the a/c in my room in the window nearest the table so I can still clay at night, but during the day if it is too hot or I am upstairs? Forgettttttttaboutit!
The clay is so sticky in the heat and my hands are hot...UGH!
My grandson is too active now for me to do any claying. I am going back to crochetting when I am watching him or reading the web to get some inspiration to take with me when I return to my room at night. (Where I can still clay)

This weekend was my grandsons Christening and they also celebrated his first birthday, ( it was actually the 15th), so this week was spent cleaning up and preparing. Even though everyone went into the main house I knew there would be some coming and going down here....esp. since there is another bathroom down here.
I did what I could considering I have NOOOOOO Storage space..People don't realize when you go from 2500 sq feet of living space to 200 sq feet, there is a lot of stuff without a home.
While I got rid of alot I still have more that needs a place.....

Anyway...........Here is what I have been up to lately...........

My Tray of Beads, Tiles, abd Cabs. There is a Paper Mache box I bought at the craft store and covered it ( finally) in Millifiore which means "million flowers." I took all my floral canes and cut slices and laid them on a white clay background. Pressed with the roller and then cut to cover the box and lid. I also did a jar ( not shown).

This basket technique is a first attempt for me. I found the Tutorial at The Clay Store.
They have tons of Tuts for miniatures, for those of you into doll houses and such. I saw this and wanted to try it. I like it. I may make some more and fill them with mini clay flowers. Perhaps a larger basket?

A close up of a flower I threw together last night from memory. I tried this first when i first started claying a few months back, I worked from a Tut, last night I worked from memory and am proud to be able to remember this....( Yea, sucks getting older...*SIGH*). There is also a swirly lentil I did, and some tiles, and a Purple hydrangea bead.

Here is a rose cane Back-covered cab. ( Another of those glass beads).

Here is a blue lace cane long cab.

Hydrangea in pink and purple....Sorry the piccy sucks. My web cam sucks at Macro shots.

A pic of the box lid, tiles, and cabs.

I have also been working on some Paper Mache Bowls. I am trying to find a finishing touch. I want to incorporate real flowers into the final sealing. I got some ideas from TV. Will post when done.