Sunday, May 13, 2007

A Few Piccys

Got some cam shots of a couple of things. Mostly yesterdays stuff.

I saw this Tut on Raku, It is like a Faux metalgury ( the only description I can make of it.) The pics are bad and I dont have the patience to try again with the crappy webcam.
I took some Black and made a rectangle bead, then I pounced it lightly with some nylon netting ( the type that marbles come in ) then I lightly picked up some pearlex copper and a couple of other colors on my finger and just dabbed once , twice, three times...NO RUBBING, Just a quick dab to get in the cracks. I need to get more info on this and see if it is right.

My Sunflower vase I did last week.... Another Bottle I liked...My daughter wants to give this to her teacher for end of year gift...Better get busy sanding this puppy.
I had some black and white scraps so I twisted them together and made a rope then rolled it out (Coiled) and brought it back in. As I was twisting it kind of braided together so I baked it as it was..It Looks cool.
My Black and White jellyroll that I reduced, and mutiplied.
B&W Hydrangea....Still needs Practice , but improving.
My Attempt at Mokume cane Pendants.....Hmmmmmmm