Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Pm Bowls In Blue and Wire

Didnt take long, eh? Here is one of the Paper Mache Bowls I did. I painted this yesterday..I really like the blues esp. the inside. ( yes I mix my own colors).

I am going to attempt to add these "REAL" flowers to the bowl. I will try Decoupage medium first. These are beautiful fragant Rhondendrons from our yard. I will remove the Stamens and try to unfold the petals into the bowl.....X your Fingers.
These smaller pink flowers? We are not sure what they are. At first we thought they were honeysuckle but they look nothing like the Honey Suckle we have growing next to it. ( yes they are both Pink). I took these from my yard, roots and all when I moved from my house. They showed up in my yard suddenly ( they werent there when I moved in...Hmmmm? Strange) I wasnt going to let the banks destroy them..( long story).

I will post more pics when I am done with this experiment.