Saturday, May 19, 2007

This Weeks Pics.

These are the Backs of the Cabs ( cabochons)

This is the Front Side...I wish I could get a Clearer Shot.These are the Homemade wire Bezels I made- This one looks like a Musical Cleft, No?

I also made some Rose Canes. OF course I had to wrap some beads.
I am almost done with that yellow bowl. I put the feet on- a lil too close. I got some florals and butterflies decoupaged inside. Now to finish it off. I also tried sprinkling the inside with a lil pearlex powder for a lil shimmer, but I dont think it worked out too well.

I am curently saving to get some exercise equipment. Hoping I can get it next month. After that it is a NEW Digital Camera, Meanwhile I gotta see what I can do about getting one of these puppies up and running again....