Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Some Eggs, and Some Roses. Oh and I finished another Bowl....Finally

This is the B&W Roses I did. This is Baked but not varnished. They have NO sepal as I didnt put any on.

This one I sprayed with glitter after baking and then I put some Gloss on it. I have Sculptey gloss for clay. I havent tried the future acylic yet.

This Purple Rose I did last night while watching TV. It is NOT baked yet. I didn't add sepals as it was getting really soft. Translucent color clay seems to pick up heat more then regular colored ( most colors). I did add some petals on the lower tier. I need to go back later and add some larger leaves around the top, since I dont know if I can get the sepals on without knocking the flower off the stick..( I have clumsey hands).

These beads I did Sunday Night. The black ones have silver foil mixed in. I keep seeing something called the CD Technique, but hadn't been able to find any instruction on it. I did find , however a Blog *Just Barrettes* that had instructions on scoring the CD Roms, (Esp. good if they are CD-RW, I knew one day I would have some usage for all those CD-RW's that Didn't Burn Correctly! :-) ) and getting the foil out. I just wanted to try it and see what they would look like If I rolled foil into some black clay. LOL, They look kind of splotchy.
The B&W Swirlies was from the Hydrangea Cane I did Saturday.
Got Eggs? These 2 were some left over clay I mangled into a twist. I just played until I saw something I liked. Sliced it and put it on the egg. The other is translucent color I created by added Pearlex to trans and coming out with some neat colors. I twisted them together I got a rainbow-like cane. After Slicing and Applying to the egg, I covered both of these with Pearl-ex. First Lightly with a brush and then with a finger. I used several different colors. I baked both at around 225-250 (My oven sucks) for 15 minutes. After they came out I took a bit of Clay and plugged the blow holes and stuck them back in the oven for 5 minutes after I shut the oven off. I dont think I will sand these. They dont have any lumps really. And the pearlex gives off a nice shine. Almost Metalic Like.

Some Black and White swirlie Eggs, from the left over cane ends ( I have a lot of waste when I try to make my Hydrangeas)

My daughter wanted a bowl from Paper mache just like the one I made first. (The one I am keeping since I know the errors of it). Here is the inside. She wanted sunflowers, and a butterfly. I Decoupaged them after soaking them in water ( they are pre-pasted wall borders. I just cut them out from the background).

Here is the outside and feet. I need to just varnish this and it will be good to go.

A barrette I covered. It kind of..well it aint straight. It took on a bit of a curve.
A Jar I covered too.