Saturday, May 12, 2007

Another long week....

Well it has been a weird week. For a while I didnt want to do anything clay..

I had a lot of babysitting hours this week. My daughter was putting in some OT in another store and that meant getting up early ...well I should say, staying up after the kids go to school, since I try to go back to sleep for another hour...*Notice I said TRY*

I came around after a few days. I made another hydrangea in black and white this time and Some More roses.

Lately though I have been into the contrast... Black and White. So I bought a brick of each while at AC Moore the other day.
I definetly need to get me pasta machine.
I also need to start or continue and finish my bowls....I started to sand down the yellow one, now to paint the inner part.
This one I was working one now I embedded wire in it but to my horror it rusted...Hmmmmmm
Well thank Goodness the Gesso covered the brown spots. It didnt rust too bad, now to get it done.....*SIGH*

I will try to get some piccys up tomorrow.