Thursday, May 17, 2007

Todays Riddle....

How to make a Bezel for a Cabochon.

Well so far today the best Idea I have had seems to be Wire. The cabo is nothing more then those fancy clear oval shaped marbles you find in the dollar store and craft store, that you usually put in decorative fish bowls, or vases.
I backed them with some cane design and they look great. I have the larger ones and the small ones, but I have no way of mounting them on a chain without a Bezel or something to hold them.

I experimented with Polymer clay ( yucky), and I even thought about ribbon, but then I tried the wire wrapping and so far that appears to look good, but I need to get some good strong bond, either crazy glue, or some kind of other jewelers glue (clear) to secure the back to the wire so it won't fall out.

When I post the pics you will see what I mean.